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FAMILY360 - How It Works

How the Family360 Experience works
  1. Complete the Family360 Survey. The participant and family members (as chosen by the participant) complete the survey which gathers real-life data in three behavior dimensions critical for effective family relationships: primary behaviors, b) relationship-building behaviors and c) character-strengthening behaviors. The survey may be completed by anyone who knows the participant well and has a good perspective of the participant’s family relationships, such as a spouse/partner, children, step-children, parents, siblings, grandparents, or close friends.

  2. Review the Growth Summary Report. A Family360 Coach reviews the Growth Summary Report together with the participant in a hard-hitting, personalized change management session. The participant and the coach jointly identify a) positive behaviors to do more frequently, b) behaviors that inhibit effective family relationships and should be eliminated, and c) new behaviors that should be implemented.

  3. Create a Personal Development Plan. The participant maps out a personal “vision” of what they want their family to become. With an understanding of where changes can be made from the data in the Growth Summary Report, the Coach and the participant utilize the Investment Guide to identify practical and tested actions that address specific behaviors. The participant then creates a preliminary Development Plan with proposed actions.

  4. Conduct the Family Council. The Family Council is the heart of the Family360 Experience—it begins the process of open and constructive communication on how to strengthen family relationships. The participant and the family will discuss the Growth Summary Report findings, discuss effective behavior changes and finalize the Development Plan with specific action steps.

  5. Receive Follow-up/On-going Coaching. Family360 coaches work with the participant to ensure effective accountability and implementation of the Development Plan and to bring about Better Relationships – Better Results.

“It’s foolish to believe that a person who is unfulfilled in their personal life will be able to turn it off like a toggle switch when they walk through the doors of the company. So, to the degree that you can add fulfillment to their life, you’re helping them add value to their employer.” —Honeywell senior Executive

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