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FAMILY360 - Overview

Family360 is a powerful personal change process that improves family relationships and enhances work effectiveness.

The Challenge

When work demands on the individual create a widening gulf in personal and family relationships, Family360 helps repair, strengthen and bridge the gap. The strains within today’s families are taking a serious toll, not only on families themselves, but on workplace productivity and effectiveness. Many successful management development programs focus on the effectiveness of the individual within the organization, but fail to address personal effectiveness outside the workplace.

The Solution

The Family360 Experience is a powerful, individually-tailored personal and family change process. The two-fold purpose of Family360 is to:

  •   Strengthen personal and family relationships with   immediate and extended family members

  •   Improve work effectiveness

Family360 allows individuals to assess their effectiveness in personal and family relationships. In addition, Family360 compliments and brings a holistic view to any corporate-sponsored management performance feedback, education or personal productivity effort. It is the only powerful change tool that recognizes that effective organizations cannot be built “on a foundation of broken homes and strained personal relationships”
(Dr. Peter Senge, MIT Professor of Management).

The Benefits of Family360

Any individual who wants to build better family relationships and who experiences the challenge of juggling work, family and personal priorities will benefit from Family360. The Family360 process is specifically designed to benefit individuals who:

  •   Experience frustration with managing their family   relationships

  •   Want more happiness and fulfillment from their   personal relationships

  •   Travel frequently and are absent from important family   events

  •   Find fewer hours in the day than are needed to maintain   good relationships and get work accomplished

  •   Want to improve work effectiveness

  •   Want the skills and abilities to be successful at work and   with their personal and family relationships

What does research show?

Research shows that better family relationships can lead to better results at work. Separate studies by Cornell and by the Families and Work Institute show that problems with workers’ personal lives can “spill over into work and diminish productivity.” Research has also documented that employees have twice the level of company commitment and retention when they are encouraged to succeed at both their personal and professional priorities.

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